Be True 2 Yourself, Leave the 'Lyeing' to Us...

Soothe your skin with all natural handmade soap made with 

organic oils and plant butters, pure essential oils, and organic herbals.

Always organic, paraben & sulfate free & SLS free!  We also infuse with CBD for a hempy treat!


Q. What can your soap do? Heal? Aid? Cure?

A. First of all, please understand that our products, like many other soapers, are classified, federally, as cosmetic. And as such, we have to abide by certain labeling practices so that it is not assumed that we are selling a medical product. 


Because these are soaps and skincare products and are classified as cosmetics, we cannot state that our products will, cure your acne or heal your eczema. What we CAN state is that certain ingredients in our soaps have been known for specific properties. You will NEVER see LYE2ME Soaps labeled as a cure-all. We do create soaps with certain ingredients that are known to be used to treat specific conditions. 

Q. How should I care for my soap? 

A. This may seem funny but water is your natural soap's enemy! When it's not in use,  please allow your soap to dry in a drainage dish,  on a dry sponge,  or inside of one of our nifty mesh scrubby soap savers! This allows your soap to mush into the mesh scrubby and gives you longer-lasting usage. If your soap is left in water or a damp environment,  it will become soft, mushy and won't last as long.  Your soap contains natural oils and butter,  not detergents,  parabens, or preservatives like commercial brands which rob your skin of its natural oils.  So for safekeeping,  place your soap in its own safe,  DRY place.  

Q. How long have you been making soap? 

A. Almost 20 years. I wasn't always good at it and back then supplies were hard to come by so it wasn't all that great looking either.

Q. Are your body butter creamy like lotion?

A. NO!  Lotion contains water. Lotions are in fact mostly water. Body butter is ONLY WHIPPED BUTTERS!  No water added. Once your add water to them, it's lotion. Anyone stating the opposite isn't being truthful. Also, Body Butters MUST be kept below 90 degrees or they will begin to melt. But do not fear, even in their oil state they are nourishing and can be popped in the fridge and whipped back into their fluffy state. 

Q. Does your soap contain lye?


Q. My sister's friend's cousin said you can and she does it all the time by melting it in the microwave...

A. Sweet child, utter nonsense and confusion!  Your sister's friend's cousin is using melt & pour. As the name suggests,  someone else had gone through the hard work of making the soap so your sister's friend's cousin could have craft time.  Melt and pour have saponified and can be melted and shaped without creating the soap. 

Q. So why not just make 'easy soap?'

A. Melt & pour is not easy soap.  They're some very talented crafters who use melt & pour to create beautiful soaps.  I am a cold process soaper. I prefer to know exactly what goes into my product.  This gives me creative control of the outcome.  I too use melt and pour for embellishments on my soaps at times. 

Q. What does saponified mean?

A. The saponification process is when you introduce an acid (plant or animal fat) with a base (lye) and water to make soap.  Roughly 1-3 days after this process,  the soap has no traces of lye remaining and is safe to use.

Q. Do you use animal products in your soaps? 

A. Yes & No.  We make vegan-friendly products as well as products from grass-fed animals.  However, from time to time we will incorporate goat's and cow's milk,  as well as honey and beeswax into some of our products. When we do,  it will be listed in the product description ad ingredients. 

Q. Are there cannabis in ALL your products?

A. No! We do create hemp-derived,  CBD soaps and body butter. Our infusions are only produced for a few of our products.  These are listed as such. 

Q. Do you offer wholesale of your products? 

A. Yes!  Please contact us for details.  Like our CBD products, serious inquiries only!

Q. I'm in Virginia,  can you sell to me in person? 

A. For our safety as well as your own,  we do not conduct in-person sales. 

Q. Will all items be restocked as they empty?

A. We create small to mid-sized batches.  Our batches need to cure to last longer so once they arrive at their new home with you,  you'll receive maximum longevity.  That means the water used to create the soaps must evaporate so the bars last longer.  This takes 2-4 weeks after creation.  We use varying amounts of water in our bars, depending upon the recipe's requirements.  Please note that no 2 bars are alike and allow for their unique differences. For all of these reasons,  we cannot guarentee we will restock a soap once it sells out.  We will restock some products based upon popularity. 

Q. Shipping and returns...

A. Products will be shipped 1-3 days following receiving your order.  You will receive a tracking number from USPS which you can then track your order on 

Due to the nature of our business,  we do not accept returns.  We understand that some individuals buy or soaps for aesthetics, but we put a lot of time, effort, and high-quality ingredients into each creation and researching the most current trends in skincare so your skin will get the nourishment it deserves. So please, use the products. ☺ You can always buy more. 

Q. Do you offer custom soaps? 

A. Yes! We can make custom loaves with the color, ingredient, and fragrance that you desire.  Our custom soaps start at $75 and you'll receive 10 bars. Please contact us for details. 

We also offer customers soaps for weddings, baby showers,  etc. A deposit of half the total balance is due when the order is placed.  The desired minimum for events is 50 bars & 2 colors, but we will work with smaller orders. If you desire a custom emboss on your soaps, a jpeg will be required. Jpeg must be words only, no pictures. Please include the font desired as well. Additional costs will be added for this request.  One fragrance is offered free of charge. Additional fragrances require an additional charge.  Additional colors are also offered free of charge.  We require 2 months before your event to create your design,  as well as giving your product time to cure and be wrapped.  Please contact us for details as we will try to be as accommodating as possible.  


Q. How did you become knowledgeable o CBD in skincare and how can I be sure your CBD is the real deal with so many gimmicks floating around?

A. First, I was a kid once. Secondly, I've invested about 10 years into cannabis research in an effort to learn everything I can about what good the marijuana plant can bring. With that research and knowledge, I've made several longstanding relationships within the cannabis community. You will never have to fear if our products are diluted. We have the lab reports available upon request for our customers who purchase our CBD products. 


The statements regarding ingredients in our soaps have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are NOT intended & should not be assumed as medical advice or used to prevent or treat medical conditions. 

Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters.  Several human studies have found that CBD effective in treating pain and treating various skin conditions



I absolutely love the lavender/lemonade soap. It lather very well and my skin feels soo soft.Can’t wait to try the rest of my order! Very happy with this product.

Andrea E.
Happy Soaper!

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Lye2Me is an all natural, gluten free ,mostly vegan, Buddhist inspired, everyone included, nobody excluded, Paraben free, SLS Free (WHEW)  natural skin care company that dares to push the limits on what can be achieved by adding nature to nurture. This is a company filled with love and compassion for any and all things positive. We started with a vision and have arrived on a path of unending success.  Come along with us and always remember to be true to yourself! 

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